Home to nearly 144,000 people, the City of Thornton, Colorado continues to see a steady increase in population year after year. With more than 140 miles of trails and 2,500 acres of park land, the Denver suburb draws new residents and visitors alike, appealing likewise to those venturing outdoors amidst COVID-19 restrictions.

In July 2020, the City Council approved an ordinance to allow short-term rentals in Thornton with specific conditions and requirements. In preparation for the February 2021 implementation, the City has selected short-term rental compliance software company LODGINGRevs in a competitive bidding process.

LODGINGRevs will support compliance and identification efforts, enhanced by the ability for short-term rental owners to complete their registration process online through the LODGINGRevs platform. In addition to identification and registration, Thornton will be able to provide access to a 24/7 bilingual complaint hotline hosted by LODGINGRevs for local residents.

Thornton is the 45th jurisdiction within Colorado to utilize the dynamic software solutions of MUNIRevs and LODGINGRevs. Vetted by the Colorado Department of Revenue to provide a Single-Filing Portal for the State of Colorado as well as a preferred service provider of Colorado SIPA, MUNIRevs has grown to be the trusted solution for all Colorado municipalities tax, licensing and compliance needs.