Seaside a municipality within Clatsop County, OR selected LODGINGRevs to provide their community with short-term rental compliance and online registration this summer. After witnessing a high use summer of vacation rentals, Seaside vacation rental owners had been reporting very minimal vacancies. In partnership with LODGINGRevs Seaside will be able to identify all non-compliant properties and set parameters on what regulations will work within their community. LODGINGRevs will properly match short-term rental listing data to the accurate property address and ensure that they have obtained the correct business licenses.

Clatsop County, OR began its partnership with LODGINGRevs in September. With much the same goals as Seaside, Clatsop County aims to increase its short-term rental compliance rate. In addition to the compliance feature delivered by LODGINGRevs, they will also be providing their community with a 24/7 complaint hotline. LODGINGRevs 24/7 complaint hotline allows a reduction in staff time that has been used in the past to monitor non-emergency complaints.

These communities add to the growing list of PNW communities that have turned our solutions to accelerate the effectiveness of their compliance, registration, and tax collection. With a system that enables efficiencies to increase at a municipal, county and state level, the increase in compliance can have both economic benefits as well as community character benefits.