With the rise in popularity of vacation rental companies like Airbnb and Vrbo, many localities throughout the country have see a significant increase in the number of visitors to their area. In Park County, Montana, tourist hotspots like Gardiner (which serves as one of the main entrances to Yellowstone National Park) face the challenge of trying to strike a balance between supporting a tourism industry that’s vital to their local economy and ensuring there’s adequate housing available for full-time residents.

Without local regulations at the town or city level, census-designated places like Gardiner rely on the County to regulate vacation rentals. Park County has been working with local committees to educate communities and explore options that will help them support tourism while still maintaining community character. To aid in these efforts, the County has selected short-term rental compliance software company LODGINGRevs. The LODGINGRevs software solution will help communities throughout the County increase their short-term rental compliance rate and require properties to register as short-term rentals.

Park County adds to the growing list of communities partnering with LODGINGRevs to support key compliance, registration and tax collection efforts. With an efficient paperless system, the LODGINGRevs software enables communities to increase efficiencies at a municipal, county and state level. An increase in compliance is proven to have both economic and community benefits.