As one of the top Southern California beach destinations, Newport Beach sees no shortage of tourism throughout the year. Housing a population of 87,180 Newport Beach is known for its popular beaches, and iconic surfing spots they have continuously seen an increase in travelers year after year. Although 2020 has brought beach closures and a temporary decline in short-term rentals in Newport Beach and across the nation has shown little to no sign of slowing.

Newport Beach, California has selected STR compliance software company LODGINGRevs in a competitive bid process to further their compliance and identification efforts in addition to a 24/7 complaint hotline for their citizens.

In an effort to increase their short-term rental compliance, support code enforcement efforts and bolster an updated ordinance, Newport Beach published a request for proposal. LODGINGRevs has been delivering the highest levels of compliance for short-term rentals to municipalities across the nation since 2011.

Using the 24/7 complaint hotline, provided by LODGINGRevs, Newport Beach will be able to reduce the impact short-term rentals have on their emergency response teams. By providing their community members a complaint hotline Newport Beach will be foster a more symbiotic environment for residents and tourists.