Texas cities are harnessing the power of LODGINGRevs to make the most of Hotel Occupancy Tax. League City, Irving, Nassau Bay and Corpus Christi have recently joined the LODGINGRevs client list which includes Dallas, New Braunfels and Waco.

During times when short term rental tax revenue can contribute largely to the shortfalls of municipal revenue, increasing compliance of short-term rentals can be a vital need. Seen across the nation, travelers are choosing to remain closer to home and use extended stays in a more secluded type of stay. A boom in the short-term rental market has created an opportunity for cities to capitalize on the sharing economy.

These latest clients in Texas will benefit from the robust platform that LODGINGRevs has to offer. The LODGINGRevs software solution enables these cities to identify their short-term rentals, bring them into compliance, register online and remit HOT tax, as well as, provide a 24/7 bilingual complaint hotline. The core of the LODGINGRevs company is allowing municipalities to determine their specific compliance needs. In the instance of Corpus Christi LODGINGRevs partnered with Revenue Recovery Group to enhance their request for auditing capabilities.

Since 2011 they have been providing dynamic automated tax collection and compliance software to cities across the nation. With a long-standing relationship in Texas Hotel and Occupancy Tax collection, LODGINGRevs positions itself as a chosen solution for the unique compliance needs throughout Texas.