Located approximately 100 miles southwest of Denver with stunning mountain views, the City of Leadville, Colorado plays host to visitors year-round. Situated at over 10,150 feet, Leadville is recognized as the highest incorporated city in North America. Boasting nine months of snow, Leadville’s elevation appeals to a great many adventurers who enjoy skiing, snowshoeing and snowmobiling.

As the number of visitors to the area continues to rise, Leadville has taken steps to regulate the licensing, use, occupancy and maintenance of short-term rental properties across the City. In an effort to enhance an ordinance adopted in 2019, Leadville has selected short-term rental compliance software company LODGINGRevs to support their ongoing identification and compliance efforts. After the City previously worked with another provider, LODGINGRevs is honored to have been selected to provide this service to another Colorado Municipality.

Once the City is live in the system, short-term rental owners located in Leadville will be able to complete their registration process online through the LODGINGRevs platform. As the 47th Colorado municipality to partner with LODGINGRevs, Leadville joins a growing list of communities throughout the state to experience the many benefits of the MUNIRevs and LODGINGRevs software solutions.