Lake Havasu City, Arizona has selected LODGINGRevs to enhance its local short-term rental emergency registration and compliance efforts, as well as to provide access to a 24/7 bilingual complaint hotline hosted by LODGINGRevs for local residents. LODGINGRevs is an industry leader in delivering customized solutions to respond to the targeted needs of communities across the nation.

Lake Havasu City is the latest Arizona community to select LODGINGRevs as the preferred short-term rental compliance provider. LODGINGRevs has been partnering with Arizona communities since 2019, assisting with key proactive initiatives permitted within the state. This includes identifying properties that are operating as short-term vacation rentals, collecting emergency contact information for said properties, and logging any short-term rental related complaints via an online complaint form and 24/7 phone hotline.

Ensuring ease of use for both city staff and business users is one of LODGINGRevs’ primary concerns. In 2020, LODGINGRevs began offering agreements through the Arizona Strategic Alliance for Volume Expenditures (S.A.V.E.). S.A.V.E is a consortium of local government agencies across the State of Arizona who have agreements with other member agencies to allow one another to utilize each other’s contracts, resulting in standardization across all municipalities that contract with LODGINGRevs.