In November 2018Hawaii County began making significant changes to short term rental regulations in an effort to combat non-compliant and unregistered properties. The county adopted measures such as registration requirements, quiet hours, and designated guest parking.

Hawaii County has selected STR compliance software company LODGINGRevs in a competitive bid process to further their compliance and identification efforts. “We are excited to use our dynamic technology to be able to serve the unique needs of Hawaii County. Our team consistently delivers the highest levels of compliance and service to communities across the country and welcome the opportunity to do the same for Hawaii County,” stated Erin Neer, CEO and Founder of LODGINGRevs.

With over 10 million visitors to the Big Island in 2019, the short-term rental market has provided significant revenue opportunities for county locals. Enforcing regulations can be challenging in a vacation destination densely populated with short term rentals. With LODGINGRevs, the leading short-term rental compliance software since 2011, the County will benefit from their result-driven experience. Through evidence capture, listing tracking and an expert review team, Hawaii County will be able to obtain over 90% compliance within the first year working with LODGINGRevs.

County staff are able to use a multitude of tools for each aspect of short-term rental compliance, from code enforcement to inspection tools, each department is able to work in one cohesive system to streamline efficiencies. With LODGINGRevs automation backing the effort, the County will be able to achieve compliance as efficiently as possible.