Located in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex of NE Texas, Garland plays host to thousands of visitors each year. With an impressive list of local attractions and its close proximity to the larger city of Dallas, Garland continues to see an increase in traffic to the area. This month the City joined nearby Dallas and 14 other Texas communities who already partner with short-term rental compliance software provider LODGINGRevs.

Through this partnership, Garland will leverage the power of the LODGINGRevs platform to meet the community’s compliance, registration and tax collection needs. LODGINGRevs will identify all short-term rental advertisements in Garland to ensure they are properly matched to the correct property address. Alongside the identification, LODGINGRevs is able to offer a paperless method for short-term rental owners to not only register their property but remit taxes to the City.

Many municipalities across the nation have found an increase in user involvement with automated paperless tax collection and registration systems throughout 2020. Efficiency enhancements allow for short-term rental owners to complete tasks online further increasing the compliance percentage and reduces staff interaction time.

Garland will leverage the dynamic software technology and experienced support staff of LODGINGRevs to bring all short-term rentals within City limits to compliance, further increasing tax collection.