Flagstaff, Arizona has selected LODGINGRevs to enhance their short-term rental compliance. LODGINGRevs is a leader in providing solutions specific to the targeted needs of Arizona communities. With a robust ability to identify all short-term rentals and collect emergency contact information, as well as a 24/7 bi-lingual complaint hotline.

LODGINGRevs has adapted its nationally trusted dynamic software to find solutions for Arizona. “The willingness to take the time to understand the unique legislative issues in Arizona and how this affects municipalities and their ability to monitor/enforce STR properties,” said Jack Fitchett, MPA, Management Analyst for the City of Flagstaff when asked the reasoning for selecting LODGINGRevs. 

Flagstaff is excited to begin leveraging its latest software with goals of “establishing clear complaint mechanisms that can be addressed by the right staff in a timely fashion. Increased revenues from ensuring that all STR properties have the appropriate TPT license,” said Fitchett. Joining Sedona, AZ who has been utilizing the platform since 2019. 

LODGINGRevs key company cornerstone is the ease of use for both city staff and business users. With that in mind, LODGINGRevs researched the Arizona Strategic Alliance for Volume Expenditures (S.A.V.E.). S.A.V.E is a consortium of local government agencies across the State of Arizona, who have agreements allowing other member agencies to utilize each other’s contracts, allowing for standardization across all municipalities that contract with LODGINGRevs. 


Founded in 2011, LODGINGRevs automates short-term rental compliance, permitting, and tax collection for towns, cities, and counties across the U.S. With extensive experience in municipal finance and the backing of their expert review team, LODGINGRevs has consistently delivered the highest level of short-term rental compliance. It is the trusted source for short-term rental compliance, permitting and tax collection across the nation. For more information, visit www.lodgingrevs.com.