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90% short-term rental compliance.


Delivering Vacation Rental Compliance for the Last Decade

Backed by a decade of delivering the highest results to jurisdictions across the nation, LODGINGRevs has become the industry standard in short-term rental compliance, secure tax collection and business licensing. Our company is now in its tenth year delivering short-term rental compliance, automated licensing and tax remittance to communities.

The LODGINGRevs team has been delivering vacation rental compliance longer than any other provider and works with communities nationwide. With LODGINGRevs, you benefit from expertise every step of the way.

LODGINGRevs is committed to meeting the unique compliance needs of each client. We recognize that compliance is individual to each community, so we built our software with the objective to continually adapt and meet our clients’ changing needs as they develop over time. Jurisdictions across the country are discovering the dynamic software and expert support teams that seamlessly work together to achieve the highest levels of compliance. Getting the results your community deserves has never been easier.

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Why Choose Us

Our experience working with municipalities since 2011 has helped us develop short-term rental best practices to achieve objectives established by municipalities.

The ordinances, fees/taxes and compliance procedures work together as a tailored package to achieve these objectives. We have found that setting three goals for this package achieves the best long-term results for the municipality:

  • Make compliance requirements clear and reasonably easy to achieve
  • Make it evident to property owners/managers that non-compliance is expensive and futile
  • Establish systems and procedures that ensure the cost of  monitoring compliance goes down over time

Customizable workflows for every license or permitting need.

Automatically receive revenues daily.

Integrated notifications, including email delivery with delivery and open confirmations.

With an average support response time of 37 minutes, our expert support team quickly takes care of your property compliance needs.


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