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Since 2011 LODGINGRevs has been delivering the highest rates of short term rental compliance to local governments across the nation.


What We Do

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Our development team monitors all of the sites that matter for your community.   We track 20+ sites for all of our clients and you can choose to add up to 5 more for local boutique sites relevant to your area. The fact that we do not rely on outside data providers for this information means that as soon as a new listing site appears we can control how and when that site gets monitored for listings.  
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Our program goes behind the scenes to identify the longitude and latitude of each listing and reverse geocodes the address, which you can then view on a map and edit as needed. We know that longitude and latitude are just the beginning of the identification process, but it is key in ensuring complete accuracy.
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Every listing is automatically assessed for compliance, based on what ‘compliance’ means for your jurisdiction. When compliance can be definitively determined by cross-referencing multiple data points, that listing is recorded as compliant and that information is then passed to the associated property.
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We provide you with a number of notification templates that can be modified as needed. You can also create your own. Using smart fields, our notifications dynamically populate emails and PDFs with the information specific to each recipient, including referencing specific properties and listings in the body of the message. Not only will the owners and managers know the steps they need to take, but they’ll also receive fewer notifications because relevant information will be combined into one message.
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Our SSL encrypted platform has been used for almost a decade.  More than 50,000 users trust our system for their compliance requirements and we have automatically delivered almost $1 billion to jurisdictions.
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Our complaint form is available to the public 24/7 and allows for audio, video and document upload. The complaint is automatically associated and logged with the correct property.
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When we find a new listing we also collect and calculate calendar information provided by the listing site. Nightly prices will vary, so we average them out over a period of time so you can see on average how much that property charges per night.

With our ability to see a listing’s availability over a period of time, we can identify the number of times that property has been booked in a given month. Multiplied by its average nightly rate and accounting for nights listed as unavailable but not actually booked, we provide you with an estimated monthly revenue.

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Owners and managers can easily and securely join the over 50,000 businesses who manage compliance on our platform.  Our dynamic workflows allow for customized registration requirements based on property type, and allow for nimble changes in the future.  For example,  we make it simple to collect a copy of their required document, whether it is liability insurance, parking plan, and or affidavit using our document upload task to present that requirement and store it for city staff access.

 Whether it is an internal inspection form, calculating fee or new form, a document upload or just an informational message, our workflow tools allow the creation and adjustment of workflows as needed.

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What sets our reports apart is your ability to click through them. The fact that our reports are interactive means you can use them to visualize AND access the data you need.
Our Expert Team

Allow our team of experts to help your community gain the highest level of compliance in the industry.

We back our software with 18 years of experience.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

Combining sales tax and short-term rental compliance has been our goal since I began my tenure—with LODGINGRevs and MUNIRevs we will now be able to provide that singular portal experience at the Town of Vail.

Alex Jakubiec

Vail, Colorado

I appreciate the level of professionalism and reliability LODGINGRevs offers our team every day.  Thank goodness for your team!

Whitney Brunner

Big Sky, Montana

This is the EASIEST government site I have ever seen.  If I could sing, I would make a YouTube video singing your praises!


Licensee at the Town of Crested Butte

We continue to be impressed with their innovation and new solutions that they develop as the industry needs change.

Kevin Swain

Mountain Village, Colorado


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